In the Name of Jesus:

What is the name of Jesus.

What does it mean when people say “In the Name of Jesus”

How do you use the Name of Jesus.

In modern Christianity, amongst Christians(and others), and even in the media the term “in the name of Jesus” is used often. But what does it mean. How its used now and how it would have been used in Jesus’s times is quite different. In our times, its often understood to be purely literal, as in calling Jesus’s name literally is the sum means of harnessing the power of Christ.

However in the time of Jesus and the Disciples, it took on a totally different meaning. Jesus spoke Aramaic, and Aramaic is a language that carries great depth, and conveys strong feeling through the richness of its meanings. When they would have used the word Name as in Jesus’s(who name mean’s liberation from bondage/limitation/confusion) name, it would have meant something more akin to Character, Authority, and experience/perception of this character and authority. So it was not literal, instead it had to do with expressing and verbalizing and intimate knowledge of the authority and character of the one in whom they speak.

So when the scriptures speak of someone speaking or using the Name of Jesus, it is always indicating an example of someone imitating, experiencing, and expressing the character and authority of the Anointed ONE. To be precise, it had a lot to do with approaching and relating to G-d in the same manner as Jesus the Christ as opposed to calling him or his literal name to do something. How can we describe this experience and expression? Well, we can reference Jesus words on Love. We can reference Love because we know G-d is love, and Love is the Highest expression of G-d. John 15:13 provides all we need to understand the foundational power in what it is to embody and express the name of Jesus, in that it states:

    “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life(selfish ambitions) for his friends.”

When we open ourselves to delve into this scripture, and allow its power to develop within, we open ourselves to experience, embody and express what it really means to use the “Name of Jesus”. When we live, love, and give to others at our own expense with others best intentions at heart then all that we think, speak, and do is in the name of Jesus, as it is the standard of the Anointed ONE. Our Creator gives us the opportunities to express this character in each of our lives in the midst of our daily interactions..

So let us rise above the spirits of empty religious cliches and continue to delve into the depths of selfless love which is the foundational power and standard of G-d which have access to in every moment and every breath of our lives….


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  1. Angela Pendleton says:

    I believe that Jesus has great power and authority so when I use Jesus name I say it at the end of prayer or if I’m sleeping and I’m having a bad dream I would call Jesus name to deliver me because I guess that’s a name that is so common to me and my dreams changes. I don’t think I’m using it in a negative way. Question is using Jesus name in the way correct

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