Inheriting the Promise

What does it mean to inherit the Promise? What is the Promise? A promise is something pledged without negotiation. It speaks more of something being fulfilled.

When the scripture speaks of ‘inheriting’, it does not necessarily mean to receive something by virtue of someone dying and the inheritance is realized or received at the time of death. A death occurs — but not in a natural way, as a physical person dying. The word ‘inherit’ means to to take possession, but it also means to seize.

Abraham’s descendants did not take possession of the land that was promised when Abraham died, they only received the promise of the land. The promise was the inheritance, the receiving of the land was the fulfillment of the promise. If the inheritors of the promise had not done what was required the promise would still be theirs, but the possession of the land would not have been a reality to them.

The inheritors had to take it, they had to fight for it. Possession of the land and fulfilling of the promise does not come without resistance. The occupants of Canaan, the familiar attitudes that the inheritors of the promise have possessed will not be altered without a fight. These attitudes are not overcome without a commitment to truth (a rhythmic path that opens gateways of possibilities) and a willingness our perception of the spiritual.

Understanding the meaning of Canaan and the words that reference the occupants of Canaan will enable us to change our perception and have a paradigm shift.

Canaan is a place in man that permits him to unconsciously oppress himself do to being unaware of who he is and what his capabilities are.

The Amalekite is the thing that inclines man to doubt G-D.

The Hittite is the thing that inclines man to frighten others.

The Jebusite is the thing that inclines man to despise others.

The Amorite causes man to boast about himself.

These attitudes must be defeated, they must be sacrificed and each man is the one who must do battle with them for himself. Canaan must be transformed into Israel. Jerusalem (righteousness) must be constructed in this place called Canaan.

Whatever needs to be confronted in order to overcome Canaan, whatever must be confronted to become aware of the deity that we were created to be is not beyond our ability to accomplish it. This awareness must become the reality of man in order for him to be awakened to his true potential.

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