2012 Philadephia Conference

Foundation of Faith and Greater New Faith joined the Straight Talk About Recovery (STAR) mission in Philadelphia on June 15th and 16th to meet and lay a foundation for oneness. We began our discussions with an exploration of the basics. Who was Jesus? Where did the King James version come from? What are baptism and communion?

On Jesus, Resurrection, and the King James version of the bible, and baptism:


We continued our discussion after a break, and covered: understanding biblical characters as attitudes,  holidays, the masculine and feminine aspects of ourselves, homosexuality and more.


On prayerbaptism, the recovery of truth and resurrection, masculine and feminine energies, and the ten commandments:


Definitions from the Events

Immanual – G-d is with us

Yeshua (Jesus) – Deliverer, Sap, the essence of Yahweh flows through him

Yahweh – Father

Elohim – Many g-ds, (we are Elohim)

Resurrection – Recovery of Truth

Baptism –  Submersion / Immersion in water, which represents spirit

Mikvah – cleansing

Thought is spiritual speech in the other realm.


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