Praise and Victory over life


Hebrew Word Meanings:

Yadah:1) to give thanks,, laud, praise.      The Root meaning of this Word is “Yah” which means: “Hand of strength, power” (fig.)

Hilluwl:1) rejoicing, praise          The Root meaning of this Word is: halal which means: “to shine or to flash forth light”

Praise gives us victory over life. When we look at the concept carefully, we see that praise has to do with flashing and shining forth light by rejoicing in the hand or authority of G-ds strength in us even when we cannot sense His presence.

By rejoicing in the light of the Creators providence and our lives intertwined within it we reprogram our brain(limited perception) and evoke the power of our spiritual eyes to see and recognize our purpose and position in the web of our life’s situations. The Hand of the Creator’s authority is always directly and intimately woven into all of our life’s experiences which is reason to perpetually rejoice. It is simply our selfish focus that makes it difficult for us to recognize this. However in rejoicing in the reality that each and every breath and experience contains potential for divine experience we create short cuts in our mental time and space that teleport us more and more instantaneously into the limitless experiences of fulfillment of “our spirit” that have been designed for us behind the superficial appearances of things.

With practice and discipline we no longer perceive or acknowledge praise as something that we must do or think as a task, rather we become it. We Become “praise” to the degree that we realize and experience everything that occurs in our lives whether pleasant to the senses or not as a portal, gateway, and opportunity to bring forth an experience through ourselves  to others of the unlimited pleasure of life in the Light of Oneness with the Creator of Creation…….



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