Serpent & Messiah

The Hebrew language is an ancient and highly mathematical and scientific language great for conveying spiritual concepts through words and their correlations.   Each of the Hebrew letters has a numerical value as well as a symbol that its represented by for which when the letters are combined convey different spiritual energies and meanings that make up the substance of the universe kinda like how when dna is arranged in specific orders it produces specific life forms and characteristics. The nature of the Hebrew letters, give a direct frame work when understood to reveal how Creation was brought into being with great deliberateness, vibrant energies, intelligence, and care.

When the Serpent appears in the garden, the word that is used is Nacash. The meaning of the word is “to subtly whisper” as our subconscious likewise whispers to us destructive notions often rationalized in an intellectual manner. The root of the word Nacash though, has its root meaning in the concept of “learning by personal experience”. The numerical value of the word Nacash when the value of the letters are calculated is 358.

This Becomes interesting when we begin to look at the word Messiah, which in Hebrew is Mashiach which means to smear/imprint or awaken/empower the consciousness of man for the purpose of spiritual liberation. Messiah is man disciplining or discipling himself to be receptive and responsive to the Light(inheritance) of G-d’s spirit in order to selflessly repair the brokenness of consciousness between himself and his Creator.  When the value of the letters in this word is calculated it too comes to 358 and thus we have a special relationship that exists between the two words.

When we look at the two words closely and how they’re used we discover that they are simply two sides of the same coin.  Our need to grow in and on our own individual journey makes us susceptible and receptive to the serpent which is really the whispering of our own subconscious urging us separate ourselves physically and spiritually in order to learn from our own experiences(like a baby who pulls from his mothers embrace to learn how to crawl). This is the Prodigal Son within us that sees and knows the great power of our Father(Source), that like the Prodigal urges us to desire our inheritance(life) and ultimately  squander it.

Still yet, it is this squandering of Life and all its gifting, that leads us to Messiah. Messiah is the light in the darkness, that we recognize as our appetite for purpose and spiritual life is fine tuned as a result of our fall, failures, and wallowing without hope in our suffering and selfishness. And thus the serpent was and always is the Messiah in disguise as the serpent(hunger for personal glory/self gratification) leading us into our own learning experiences in order to lead us to a place where we can consciously and deliberately choose to unmask our egos as the Messiah that we have always been just as the Prodigal Son who return to his original place of prominence. It is our deepest inner most desires, our will, and our choices that determine whether we remain in ignorance and bondage to the former operation and work of the serpent or whether we opt choose to walk and rise in the Christ.

“The separation, falls, and failures that we experience are orchestrated events that the Creator set in motion in order for us to ripen and discover the Christ that we are for the purpose of lifting Mankind and Creation”



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  1. Susan says:

    very thought provaking and a blessing thanx u

  2. Jamil,

    A brilliant article on the serpent and messiah concept and their gematria significance. I have quoted a portion of this on my own website discussing the topic. Thank you for sharing your mystical knowledge.

  3. Geoff Hazel says:

    “Messiah is man disciplining or discipling himself” — I think you miss the mark in assuming a person can by his own effort conquer the serpent within. It is only by the finished work of the Messiah, that is the crucified and risen Jesus Christ sending His spirt to us that we can hope to become what we were intended us to be.

  4. chris says:

    The reason the Serpent and the coming Messiah both having numerical Kabbalah values of 358 is because ancient and modern visions of intertwining serpents (that perfectly mirror the DNA double helix) was/is a clue from outside of the duality and dream world that DNA regeneration/aging reversal is possible and infact it was discovered by someone in 2013 and not long after the end of the Mayan 13 long count in late dec 2012 (13 being the numerical value of love and oneness which is basically all that there really is ).

    How many 54 year old males do you know that has girls 40 years younger than they are eyeing them?. if you do the maths that also means he was 49 in 2013 and 4+9=13.

    Yes, immortality has been discovered and because Evil is the direct opposite of Spirit the meek are indeed about to inherit the world because I ask you, who will really want to grow old when they find out about the discovery of the fountain of youth?.

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