The Anointing


Some time ago I was watching TV when I saw this commercial for a local church. At the end of the commercial the pastor’s ended by saying “we have an anointing that’s often imitated but never duplicated”(like it was a coke or something?). Needless to say this disturbed me greatly. It becomes more and more apparent to me how far the church is away from the spiritual truth encoded in the scriptures and this bothers me a great deal. I hear so many people talking about some anointed singer or some kind of anointed this or that. When I hear all this it would seem to me like the anointing is just some kind of feel good sensation or something. I think the church often confuses the anointing with eloquent speaking, savvy business skills, gifted choirs, and of course those who can generate emotional hype(all natural talents). I don’t know where the church as it is gets this from(well yes I do, church has become a business). Now I know some who read this will say that people shouldn’t criticize the church, but  Jesus did! Jesus confronted nothing more vehemently than the leadership of the leaders of the Synagogue(the church of his day). He challenged their misrepresentation of G-d with no apology. Let us look to what the scriptures say concerning the anointing.

In the Old Testament whenever a King, Priest, or Prophet was anointed he had sacred oil(spirit of G-d) smeared upon his head(symbolic of the mind of man ruling the being). It was for the express purpose of representing the Most High in some particular fashion. The King was anointed to rule(conquer and govern) earthly kingdoms according to G-d’s word, the Prophet was anointed to become the manifestation of the voice and expression of His(G-d’s) precepts, and the priest for the purpose of maintaining the purity of the consciousness of man’s heart before G-d’s presence. In relation to us we are each of these three in that the king, prophet, and priest lie within our body, soul, and spirit.

In Luke 4: 18 Jesus proclaimed that he had been anointed for the purpose of proclaiming the gospel(truth) to the poor(spiritually/physically impoverished), to heal the brokenhearted(shattered lives), to provide deliverance to the captives(those in bondage), and to recover sight to the(spiritually) blind, etc. The point is that the anointing that is described in the scriptures  was never something that had anything to do with advertisements, feeling good, attracting large crowds, or entertainment. Jesus was anointed to free all of mankind from all forms of darkness, oppression, and bondage. So if anyone calls themselves a christian which literally means “anointed one” then they should ask themselves when was the last time they opened a blind eye or when was the last time they brought healing and wholeness to the people. It was always and still is about us recognizing our being chosen through an empowering from The Master of all creation. The embodying of the anointing allows us to serve as channels for cosmic energy  which allows us to transform man’s darkness(confusion) into light(understanding).

The anointing is the essence of the power that we receive(become aware of) for the purpose of living in the Image and Likeness Of our Creator. The word “anoint” means to smear, in the Old Testament they were smeared with oil as a symbol that they had been selected by G-d for for a specific task. Oil is symbolic of  the spirit of G-d, so to be anointed is to receive(accept/acknowledge) the imprinting of the G-d of ages upon your being. Everyone who was ever anointed in the scriptures(as well as those of us now who align our lives with G-ds truth) was done so for the purpose of restoring(of man), establishing(kingdom of heaven), and the expanding(awareness) of the dominion of  G-d’s light in our world.



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