The Danger of Esoteric Study

There is an inherent danger nestled just beneath the surface of esoteric study. The danger is not so real if esoteric study is for personal consumption. The danger becomes a real threat if the purpose is to offer enlightenment to seekers of light. This danger is not a recent development, rather, it has existed for centuries.

Esoteric thinkers who sought to comprehend the essence of the Source of all that is developed and delved into studies soaring beyond the understanding of most seekers. The seekers remained curious and barely informed, while the esoteric thinkers became a society unto themselves. These esoteric thinkers formed study societies that were available only to the ‘initiated’, i.e., those who met the thinkers’ criteria for acceptance.

The esoteric thinkers treated their understanding as though it were private and personal literary property. The self-appointed ‘protectors of the gates’ acted as if the Source were incapable of keeping the gates closed to the selfish and the arrogant. As a result of their sense of spiritual entitlement, they separated themselves from the very ones who were most in need of self-awareness. By segregating themselves, however, the esoteric thinkers realized they too were trapped in a world without a true sense of clarity and self-awareness.

These esoteric ninjas believed they were brilliant travelers into the mystical — but only because they were comparing themselves to the seekers they assumed were unworthy of entering the gates of wisdom they had discovered. This selfish attitude and journey of arrogance only served to impede the progressive journey of mankind to the womb of Beginning. This resulted in the growth of a society of sages and shamans who were served rather than being servants. They forgot that the Light serves the darkness, that order serves chaos. This must cease; this must become a catalyst for change and not a continued norm. It is crucial that those who engage in the study of the esoteric become teachers and servants to those who find it difficult, if not impossible to move out of the world of the exoteric, the superficial.

Those who journey along the path of the esoteric today must not commit the same error of exclusivity. To avoid a repeat of this spiritually detrimental practice, the esoteric traveler must see the Essence of the Source of all that is and relate it to seekers of light in a manner that is clear, concise and understandable. To posses wisdom and not be capable of impregnating it with the seed of understanding for the seeker does nothing for the enhancement of the seeker. It also mitigates the journey of the esoteric traveler.

When engaged in esoteric study, the student must have a single objective: a sole desire to move the seeker to the original awareness of self as the image of the Source. This image, which is both creative power and spiritual ability, is of the Source of all that is, was and shall be.

The esoteric student must not get so caught up with the journey that ego prevents the Holy Book from being referenced or relevant. The principles of the Holy Book are the pathways for the esoteric journey.

Seekers are not familiar with the esoteric writings of the ancients, but they are familiar with the Holy Book that has kept them through the ages. The verses, passages, and phrases the seeker is familiar with must remain foundational. This foundation enables the seekers’ eyes to be opened for the reception and acceptance of the esoteric principles that increase the desire to be aware of the self of Beginning.

If those who study the esoteric teach the esoteric in esoteric terms, the danger of alienating those who are seekers becomes a reality. When this happens, the esoteric teacher is guilty of perpetuating a society of the ‘initiated’, a society devoid of compassion for those who desire and need to be aware of who they really were created to be.

The esoteric society of teachers has become a modern group of sages and shamans surrounded by adherents who feed their egos and worship them, hoping to be just like them one day. The result of this is continued bondage for mankind. The seekers and the whole of mankind are left at the mercy of the cruelty of confusion, greed, and empty religious concepts.

It is imperative that all esoteric teaching be on a verse, passage, or phrase familiar to those being taught. It can never be assumed that seekers understand the foundation of the principle being taught. It is the teacher’s responsibility to be aware of where the seeker is, to journey to that place, and to guide the seeker safely to understanding. To do otherwise develops of a cadre of followers who think they are traveling because their lips are moving.

Those who engage in esoteric study must constantly self-check by stepping outside of their circle of comfort and teaching those who have never heard the words ‘esoteric’ or ‘exoteric’. When studying the esoteric for the benefit of mankind, one must be able to teach the principles in the settings where people are most comfortable, without being offensive or defensive. To resist this is to engage in esoteric study under the illusion of compassion for mankind. In reality, it only results in ego driven philosophical debate devoid of creative power and spiritual restoration.

The choice is in the hands of the esoteric teacher: spiritual expansion, realistic redemption and meaningful restoration – or more of the same … intellectual masturbation resulting in inflated egos and deflated expectations.

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  1. Kofi Kamara says:

    Esoteric knowledge can be a relative danger based on egos and beleifs with questionable origins, but what of esoteric knowledge of old? An example would be combat or self defense. Is it not wise to limit certain knowledge to people unless they have shown themselves to be trustworthy to know it such as a specific style of martial arts that is deadly yet, in the wrong hands can be catastrophic. It is possible that the student, after acquiring the knowledge can be corrupted and therefore corrupt what was learned when he teaches others. No one can be controlled like that. Its all about self discipline. Why wouldn’t a person have to show this trait before learning something important that can be used to hurt others?
    Just curious.

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