The Seed

The scripture says that we ARE the SEED of Abraham, it does not say we HAVE the SEED of Abraham (Galatians 3:29).

The SEED is a reality in which something on the inside is drawn out into manifestation by the conditions that surrounds it.

The SEED has everything in it that it needs to move it towards manifestation.

The SEED represents potential, it is not the manifestation of anything. In order to recognize the manifestation, the sower must have some idea as to the characteristics of the expected manifestation.

In order for the SEED to sprout it’s roots, something else must be displaced.

If the higher-self is not awaken, the seeds of deceit and confusion are sown (when the sower slept the enemy sowed the tare).

When the higher-self is awaken, the SEED breaks open and the roots began to push forth and displace the deceit and the confusion. At this point a decision is made to allow the SEED to flourish or to choke it out due to fear or discomfort. This is the battle between the higher-self and the lower- self, the light and the darkness, the heavenly awareness and the earthy awareness.

There must be a commitment and a desire to focus, if not the SEED will be eaten or lost due to the lack of commitment (the birds take it away).

Being comfortable in your religious comfort zone will result in the obstruction of the SEED’s ability to take root (the stony ground).

It is not enough to be a SEED, one must allow the SEED to take root and flourish.

The SEED takes root and flourishes when we have the will to rise above our earthy acceptance of Elohim in exchange for the heavenly truth of who Elohim is (leave our country and relationships for a land that will be shown to us or exposed to our eyes).

We must be willing to be exposed to something that we have never seen or thought possible, something that challenges everything that we have been taught, challenges everything that we believe.

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