We Are Breath

For many generations we have believed that the thing that keeps us living is the simple act of breathing.  I say we have been wrong. The scripture is clear, ‘ G-D breathed into the nostrils of man and he became a living soul’. If that is true, then in order for us to live we must be breathe. The act of breathing does not keep us alive, rather it keeps the body alive in order to give us the opportunity to get in rhythm with the Creator. The act of breathing is man striving to be in sync with the universe; it is man in harmony with the one who created him.

This body that we live in does not keep us living; it is us who keeps this body living. If we leave the body it dies, but we do not. We must have a paradigm shift when it comes to the way we think of who or what we are. When a baby is born it is not breathing, but it is alive, it does not began to live until it take its first breath.

When we began to think like this it gives us a since of connection, a since of being one with our Father, who is Spirit, who is Breath. The ideal of imagine and likeness becomes real. With the realness of imagine and likeness comes comes the reality that race is an illusion that keeps us separated from each other and from the Father who created everyone and everything that exist.

Breathe has no gender, no race, no ethnicity, and no since of superiority. Breath exists in the body in order to give man time to move beyond his selfish nature to a place of awareness of who or what he really was created to be. The realization that we are breath establishes a unified connection to everything that breathes. It makes us aware of what it means to be co-creator, it makes us responsible for preserving and protecting all of creation. It restores us to the place that we occupied prior to the fall into grace.

Realizing that we are breath gives us the true meaning of being in this world but not being of this world. We are breath in this world but we are not in bondage to the rudiments of this world. We are breath in this world but we are not bound by the religious dogma or the political antics of intolerance of this world. When our breath is in rhythm with our Father, we not only overcome the world but we change the world. When we are in rhythm with the Father, we bring light to dark places, we bring order to confusion, we bring strength to the weak and attention to that which is unjust.

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