Who Are We?

We have been instructed by Jesus to say, ‘Our Father’ when we pray, so what does this imply? What is this statement of recognition pointing us to? The concept of ‘Father’ implies that a seed has been released in a womb and that seed has been birthed. The seed carries the characteristics of the Father, but is influenced by the womb that nurtures it. In order to be clear about the implications of saying, ‘Our Father’, when we pray, we must have some understanding of who the ‘Father” is and what is it that makes ‘Him’ ‘Our Father’.

The seed and the Source of the seed differ from each other at the place of the influence that is impressed upon the seed during the stag of nurturing. Suppose for a moment that the seed of heaven or the seed of the Essence of Light released its seed into the womb of earth or the Essence of Darkness. If this is true then, wouldn’t the seed be reflective of both heaven and earth? Wouldn’t this account for the concept of ‘higher self’ and ‘lower self’?

The seed being released by the ‘Father” who is heaven, who is the Essence of Light, would have the same characteristics as the ‘Father’, which is ‘higher self’. All of the characteristics of the ‘Father’ would be reflected in the seed as ‘higher self’. What are the characteristics of the ‘higher self’? If the ‘Father’ is Elohim or El Shaddai or Adonai or Jehovah or any other characteristic, the ‘higher self’ is that also. This is what gives us the right to pray saying, ‘Our Father’.

The purpose of the praying is to raise the ‘lower self’ above the selfish nature of Darkness or confusion about who the ‘Father’ is and for the Light that is heaven to be earth also. When this is realized, we will be one as the ‘Father’ is one. We will no longer be in an illusionary state of being. Jesus was one with or in complete harmony with the ‘ Father’, because he rose above the selfish battles of changing stones to bread and defying death. Jesus was teaching the disciples to pray within and not as the heathen, audibly so others could hear, rather, they were to go into their closet ,i.e., themselves.
This is how the ‘lower self’ becomes one with the ‘higher self’ this results in being one with the ‘Father’, the Essence of Light.

Our Father keeps us on the right track by giving us ‘Our daily bread’. The Father gives us the bread that is needed to nourish us and guide us to the place of unity with Him. The Father makes sure that we have the strength to move beyond our weakness and overcome our selfishness, by giving us ‘Our daily bread’. The daily bread is given and in most cases we don’t even recognize it. We have become so cynical and self absorbed until we have lost sight of what constitutes the daily bread that we hunger after.

The natural bread pleases our bodies because it has the same characteristics as does the natural bread, but the spirit hungers for the bread that gives it the strength to live as its Source lives. When we seek the Father for ‘Our daily bread’, He always makes it available but we reject it and call it manna from hell. The bread from the Father that strengthens us does not always bring pleasure and it is not easily digested. This bread causes us to lose sleep and abandon all the preconceived ideas and ideals that makes us righteous in our own minds.

The daily bread from the Father, the manna from heaven, is always what we need at the time that we are made aware of its presence. It appears to be destructive, but it is meant to be instructive. The manna from heaven, the daily bread only comes when you are in the wilderness, when you were seeking to make a sacrifice and found yourself ,i.e., your ‘lower self’ and your principles to be the acceptable sacrifice. The pain, the hardships the disappointments are ‘Our daily bread’. Overcoming the heartaches and the sorrows and the selfishness is the bread that strengthens and delivers the ‘lower self’ into the hands or the authority of the ‘higher self’.

Saying, ‘Our Father’ encourages us and empowers us to perservere when we feel like giving up the battle. Knowing what ‘Our Father’ means gives us a sense of belonging, it helps us to desire our inheritance with a greater passion. Knowing what ‘Our Father’ means takes our eyes off of ourselves and brings the whole of mankind into view.

Being aware that we have the characteristics of ‘Our Father’, makes us aware of our capacity to love regardless of the circumstances, abuses, misunderstandings, or misconceptions. We have an unlimited capacity to love, not because we have love, rather its because we are love, just as ‘Our Father’ is love. We have an unlimited affinity for forgiveness because we know that forgiveness is restoration and ‘Our Father’ has forgiven us, He has restored our awareness of self and seed characteristics.

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